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Breast Liposuction

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure which may be considered a medical need, as well as cosmetic desire. Although larger breasts are widely sought after in many societies as they are considered to be attractive and feminine, breasts which are too large and (as a result of excess weight) sagging may actually be an embarrassment to many women. Women with larger breasts turn to breast reduction surgery for relief the physical and psychological burden of oversized breasts. Since breast reduction surgery is more of a functional procedure than cosmetic, it is usually covered by health insurance when there is a medical necessary reason to move forth with the procedure.

Excessively Large Breasts Lead to Various Health Concerns such as:

  • Back and chest pains and injury due to the excess weight placing strain on the body.
  • The excessive size and volume of the breast may even inhibit a woman’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks and partake in certain sporting activities.
  • The increased weight on the chest may have a negative impact on her posture over time.

Liposuction has become a popular and effective mechanism is assisting with breast reduction surgeries. The other mechanism is surgical removal of glandular tissue using a scalpel. The type of surgery a patient will need will depend on the nature of the excess tissue within their breasts. If it is mainly fat/softer tissue, it may be removed with liposuction.

If the tissue consists mainly of glandular breast tissue which cannot really be removed through liposuction, a surgical removal of the tissue with a scalpel may be required. Traditional breast reduction methods leave large scars, whereas liposuction can minimize this greatly. To determine the nature of the breast tissue, the surgeon will perform a thorough examination of the breast. A mammogram scan may have to be used to properly determine this.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Unlike traditional breast reduction surgery where incisions are made around the areolas and down to the creases, two very small incisions are made in the crease of each breast. Liposuction is then performed to remove the desired amount of fatty tissue, and the tiny incisions are allowed to close naturally. The entire procedure takes about an hour and patients recover within a few days.

Advantages of Breast Reduction Using Liposuction

The biggest advantage of this surgical approach is the lack of scarring on your breasts. Other positives include a quicker recovery time and less post-surgical discomfort. Nerves and blood vessels are well maintained during this surgery, and the symmetry between breasts is maintained since the same amount of fat can be removed from each side during the procedure.

Disadvantages of Breast Reduction Using Liposuction

While breast reduction with liposuction can remove tissue, it can’t achieve the same amount of lift that comes with the traditional surgical approach. Since excess skin isn’t removed, the breasts may appear to sag somewhat after the volume is removed. However, the nipple may rise a little with breast reduction using liposuction.

Additionally, younger woman may not be good candidates for breast reduction using liposuction since they don’t have as much fat in their breasts. As women age, breast tissue is replaced with fat, which can be removed using liposuction. Breast tissue cannot be removed in this manner. Therefore, a woman in her 20s or early 30s who wants a significant reduction in size may not be able to achieve it using liposuction alone.